Upgrade your Backyard Experience with Patio Pavers.

If your house is in need of some revitalized outdoor space for friends and family a patio is a simple solution.  
There are many routes to take to create your patio but the best possible decision is to use paver patios.
The term “pavers” refers to stones made from concrete. . Pavers are various sizes of stone that are installed.  They come in various colors, textures and patterns. When installed, the pieces interlock to create a strong pavement system.  Pavers are very strong and not prone to cracking or breaking.  Pavers are 3 to 4 times stronger than a concrete foundation of the home. Many of the manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty.
The next thing to take into account is the regional location of your patio. When weather cycles change the ground below your patio freezes.  Expanding and contracting of the ground below will cause havoc on wood or concrete patios. Because of the seams of pavers, these types of issues do not affect a paver patio.
Repairs on a paver patio are easy to perform. When repairing a concrete patio you will end up replacing the entire concrete slab
If stains occur they can normally be cleaned with soap and water. There are also several cleaners available for food, oil, grease and rust stains if they occur.
Protective sealers make maintenance easier because they protect from environmental wear and tear. Depending on which sealer is used, some may need to be reapplied occasionally. They come in various finishes from completely invisible to a wet look film forming sealant.
Patio pavers can be the next step to revitalizing your backyard. Contact Grandview Landscape and irrigation today for and estimate on your backyard upgrade!
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grandview landscaping and irrigation

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