Lawn Care

Lawn Maintenance 

Along with all of the maintenance services GrandView Landscape and Irrigation provides, lawn mowing is provided during the spring, summer and fall seasons. One of the most important things for your grass is properly mowing your lawn. GrandView takes great care in ensuring that the mowing of your yard is done correctly. Keeping the mow decks at a proper height is important.  From mid-June through August, 3” to 3 ½” is recommended.  There are times during mid summer, if no irrigation or rain is available, mowing every other week may be the best.  This ensures the health of your yard as well as the beauty of your landscape.

GrandView has several sizes of mowers, this ensures that the proper mower is used on your yard. We maintain our mowers on a weekly basis to ensure that the blades are sharp and you get an even and clean cut each time we are out.  The base weekly price for lawn service is $35.00.  Neighbor discounts do apply.

Having a professional maintain your lawn is well worth the investment.

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