Effective Irrigation Services

GrandView Landscape & Irrigation provides full landscaping, lawn care and irrigation services for both residential and commercial properties.  Our sprinkler systems are made using the highest quality heads, valves, timers, and fittings.

Our high quality materials coupled with expert craftsmanship ensures that your irrigation and sprinkler system will remain dependable for years.

Since 2003, we have been dedicated to servicing the Hamilton County and surrounding areas including Noblesville, Carmel IN, Fishers IN and Westfield IN.  Our landscaper understands that a high quality sprinkler system is essential in maintaining the appearance of your property – that’s why we specialize in both sprinkler system repair and construction.

Our sprinkler system will save you time with your lawn maintenance, water, money, and stress.  GrandView Landscape & Irrigation guarantees excellent and efficient service.  Request a free sprinkler system consultation by calling (317)984-5101.

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Polyethylene pipe is our choice for all installations.  The pipe is flexible and can be coiled providing long runs.  In addition, it can bend to minimize or eliminate extra fittings.  Polyethylene is tough, abrasion resistant and does not get brittle like PVC.  The life of  polyethylene irrigation services can be extended 25-50 years.

Your sprinkler system is installed in a variety of ways including vibrating plows, open cut or via horizontal drilling (under drive ways).  No glue or solvents are needed to join the pipe.  Polyethylene pipe is joined with insert fittings and clamps.  Polyethylene is easy to work with and the ideal choice for your irrigation system.

Copper and PVC is no longer the main pipes used within home plumbing.   Flexible pipe like PEX is used.  The same thing goes for the outdoors.  Technology changes.  PVC systems are the old way of installing sprinkler systems and new technology over the last 20 years has made it possible for your sprinkler system to last longer and perform better.

Poly pipe comes with a 50 year warranty, that’s how sure Poly manufacturers are in their product.

Draining Your Irrigation System

By draining your back flow in the evening, you can turn your system back on in the morning when temperatures are 32 degrees or higher and continue to water your landscape.  This is only the beginning of winterizing your irrigation system.  To finish the winterizing process, the system must be blown out with an air compressor to remove all the water from the manifold, pipes, and heads.  Call GrandView Landscape & Irrigation services at (317) 984-5101 or click here to schedule your fall blowout/winterization.

As we provide professional services that you are pleased with, we ask that you refer us to neighbors.  As we build business within the same neighborhood, we lower the price.

If you are interested in discussing sprinkler system or irrigation services and if you live in the Noblesville, Carmel IN or Fishers IN area, contact us for a free quote. Call us at 317-984-5101 or email us at


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